Our operations requires a huge amount of material and equipment supply and management, which all are performed by BWD specialists through different  
units, Sourcing, procurement and warehouse. Our equipment sourcing team roams the globe searching for all types of operations required equipment,  
attending several International exhibitions and conferences seeking the most recent adequate technologies to utilize it in our operations. We are using  
NOV and BLOHM&VOSS iron Roughnecks and top drives. The latest NOV RIGSENSE drilling parameters measurement equipment. BWD have several storage  
facilities in Mena Abdulla, Ahmadi, and Burgan.
Nearly USD 15 million spare parts is been stocked and is controlled to support our  
operational rigs in regards to preventive maintenance program and ensure a quick  
response to any failure may occur at any time.
Supply Chain Transactions are processed through an internationally renowned ERP  
System that can controlled the massive amount of quantities and value. The  
system also provide instantly information for the user about status of all his  
request. This ensure seamless operations to meet client satisfaction.
An average of 1,000 transaction daily are processed around the clock 24/ 7  
between material requisition, purchase order & payment release.
High Safety & Security measures are maintained and never compromised. The  
warehouse is equipped with all firefighting latest technology and is secured by  
the CCTV.
Overseas Procurement
Our partner in success either Equipment Manufacturers or International/Local  
Suppliers we developed a strong Network Chain of Supply resourcing the entire  
Globe to maintain the full support required for the Operations. About USD 50  
Million are imported annually from USA, China, Singapore, Korea & Middle East  
comprise of Bottom Hole assemblies equipment, Fishing Tools, Drilling Rigs  
Components, Spare parts for Draw-works, Top Drive, Transportation Equipment  
and others.
Quality products, Delivery time & Price are the main criteria of selection  
equipment related to our rig fleets in line with Client specifications in various  
Contracts. Continuous valuation of all suppliers/ Manufacturer are conducted to  
maintain Competitiveness, Quality and Seamless Operations.
Services: Supply Chain