Covid 19 awareness session
BWD QHSE Team launched and
organized Covid 19 awareness
session across all Operations sites
and administration facilities to
train and educate all staff about
the hazards and proper preventive

Covid 19 awareness session
conducted at rig 111 during client
visit to the rig-site. Each day Covid
awareness is discussed at the
worksite to prevent the spread of
the virus.
5 year lost time injury free

celebration conducted with the
Burgan Rig Crew of rig 120. The
Client and Burgan Company take
great pride in the milestone
achievements of our crew
achieving safety performance
Burgan Company for Well Drilling  
(BWD), Trading & Maintenance  
K.S.C.C was founded in 1970. The  
Company was listed on the Kuwait  
Stock Exchange in 2005 and has a  
paid up capital of KD 20.9 million  
with market capitalisation of KD 38.5  
million (US$ 134.8 million) as of  
December 31st 12, 2012. Burgan  
has operations principally in Kuwait.  
It has a close and longstanding  
relationship spanning almost 45  
years with Kuwait Oil Company  
(KOC) and Joint Operations.
If you are up to the challenge
and believe you can be
instrumental in further
developing BWD’s drilling
business and general
operations while upholding the
safety standards? If YES, then
apply here and we will contact
you if an opening is available.
BWD Vision
To be the leading drilling and
workover services provider in
Kuwait with the highest safety
and quality records.
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BWD seeks to expand its business and strengthen its presence in the Kuwaiti market in the field of oil and gas by entering into new tenders.
BWD has launched the new  
contract rigs for spud and still  
preparing the remaining rigs  
to be delivered as per  
BWD New Rigs
Our Transportation, Maintenance and Fabrication teams are
collaborating to reach ultimate support for operation requirements by
fabricating required transport attachments, process attachments
beside keeping all equipment in top notch condition.