2014 HSE Program Goals and Objectives Burgan Company HSE Policy Stop Work Authority Zero Tolerance Policy
BWD QHSE Policies
2015 Goals
HSE Policy
Zero Tolerance
Our company is guided by the following HSE Values:
· All incidents can be prevented through good sound safety management practices, knowledge, experience and our high level of safety training.
· The promotion of health, safety and environmental protection is an integral part of our Burgan Company business plan.
· Health, safety and Environmental protection is a responsibility of the line managers to encourage all employees to internalize these values as  
their own in order to be safety leaders.
· We accept the responsibility of leading the HSE programs, to ensure its effectiveness and strive towards continued improvement of our  
programs and provide the necessary safeguards required to ensure safe, healthy and environmentally responsible worksites.
· Our worksite Supervisors are responsible for developing the proper attitude towards health, safety and environmental protection in  
themselves, as well as directing those whom they supervise towards this goal.
· All our employees are responsible to wholeheartedly and genuinely cooperate with every aspect of our health, safety and environmental  
protection policy and fully participate in our HSE and quality management systems to provide the safest and most efficient worksites for our  
In order to maintain our HSE Values, our managers encourage and empower our employees to positively impact safety at the worksite through Stop  
Work Authority. All employees whether a supervisor, a sub-contractor or a newly hired recruit has the right, responsibility and obligation to stop the  
work if they don’t understand the task being performed or feel that it is being conducted in an in an unsafe manner.
BWD QHSE responsibility:
· Quality: delivering high quality services 
· Health: ensuring a healthy environment for employees and clients
· Safety: taking all necessary steps to ensure the safety of our employees and clients
· Environment: safeguarding the environment for future generations
We believe that we have a responsibility to our co-workers, partners and the communities in which we work. Commitment to and leadership in health, safety,  
environment, security and quality are driven by our core values and our vision to be the industry’s preferred drilling and Work over contractor.
"Corporate responsibility is a critical part of our business and vital to our success.  Investments in our people and the  
communities in which we operate are part of our long-term strategy to deliver for all of our key stakeholders. We expect our  
employees to actively participate in our corporate responsibility initiatives."
Chairman BWD
Burgan Drilling acknowledges the importance of hiring the best  
employees and retaining its highly skilled employees and developing  
their skills and knowledge through on the  operational and safety training.  
For this reason Burgan Drilling has partnered with an external training  
provider to provide the best in class training for our people equipping  
them with on the job as well as off the job safety training skills. Each  
employee’s safety journey begins the day that they join our company,  
kicking it off properly with an industry leading company induction and  
IADC Rig Pass Safety Training prior to being dispatched to a drilling  
worksite where they will once again get a safety orientation to the  
worksite by their new supervisory staff at the rig. Each new employee is  
then issued a “green hard hat” and appointed a Safety Coach to look out  
and guide him through his first months with the company. Through these  
introductory training courses and on-going our on-going safety training  
programs it is our aim to provide the safest and most productive worksites  
to our clients as we continue to strive towards safety excellence and our  
mission to “zero incidents”.
Mr. Ahmed Al Hamed - Burgan Drilling Company - “In order  
to influence people to understand and follow the rules and  
procedures; managers, supervisors and leaders must make a  
conscious effort to be the best example and lead by example.”
Mr. Yousef Al-Omi - Burgan Drilling Company Vice Chairman  
- Managing and improving safety performance is a collective  
effort and as Managers and supervisors we shall encourage a  
positive HSE culture by identifying and recognizing those  
exemplary efforts made by our employees to improve safety  
at our worksite.
HSE Quotes:
Achevement Award
LTA Award
Burgan’s Safety Performance Record
Burgan Drilling is relentless in its pursuit of best safety  
performance and year after year our Total Recordable  
Incident Rate (TRIR) has continuously outperformed  
the average TRIR of our peers in the industry (as  
identified in the chart above).
HSE Awards:
The BWD Golden Safety Rules set out simple rules to address activities with the highest potential safety risks. These rules are based upon the Industry initiative Life Saving Rules which were created through lessons learned in the Industry and have been put in place to drive a consistent safe working mindset for all employees. Implementation of these rules is part of Burgan Drilling and Maintenance Company’s commitment and strategy towards continued HSE improvement strengthening our Safety Culture.”
BWD 12 Golden Safety Rules
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