Mobile Protacabins

Pipe Racks
For all our casing and drill pipes, BWD fabrication workshop fabricate all types of pipe  
rack for storing and inspection of drill pipes, tubing and casing.

Low Bed Trailers
trailers are fabricated under the standard of  ... Meeting Kuwait Traffic Law Standards for  
the use of caring the loads with certain heights, like water tanks, mud pumps, mast and  
substructure components,to avoid the obstruction with and elevated obstacle along the  
transport road.

Gooseneck Trailers
For certain huge and heave equipment, a custom trailer is fabricated to facilitate and  
ease the movement of these equipment when required, such equipment as mud pumps,  
waste water treatment plants, diesel tanks mud tanks, power package. This will  
optimize our rig move time and cost hence increase our operation efficiency and meeting  
our clients operation time schedule.

Water Tanks
Our drilling operations require water for mixing the mud, and for that it requires a plenty  
of water supply that should be contained in tanks that varies from 1,000 to 10,000  
gallons according to the drilling rig capacity. These steel water tanks are fabricated and  
maintained in BWD workshop. Fresh water tanks are also fabricated and coated to  
preserve water sanitation and used for BWD rig camps manpower. Water tanks could be  
built on a skid or mobile.

Diesel Tanks
Our drilling operations requires diesel to operate all engines on the rig through diesel  
power generator, also the diesel is used for mixing chemicals. BWD fabrication fabricate  
diesel tanks from 1,000 to 10,000. Diesel tanks could be built on a skid or mobile.

Mud Tanks
Our drilling operations requires to to prepare a mud based chemical mixture to act as a  
drilling fluid for creating a hydrostatic head to keep the well under control , act as a  
medium to carry drilling cutting up to surface, and cool down the drilling bits that suffer  
excessive heat that could reach to 400 F. In order to prepare the mud we need to have  
the mud tanks to mix, circulate, store, and after used in the drilling process it enters the  
cleaning process units in the mud tank as the shell shaker, de-silter, de-sander and  
degasser). Mud tanks could be built on a skid or mobile.

Steel Structures
For some certain rig equipment and as per operation requirements, some equipment are  
required to be mounted on a skid, these skids are manufactured in BWD workshop, also  
the workshop is performing a maintenance to the rig substructure and rig mast. All  
repairs and modifications are followed by proper inspection and certification from  
accredited certifying bodies.

During operations, some special fitting, adjustment or modification is required for  
particular steel structure. Whither stationary structure or mobile BWD Fabrication  
workshop have the ability to make any required customization and get it certified  
for operation.
The company's facilities are located in Mina Abdulla, Ahmadi, and Burgan provides mechanical and electrical maintenance services, welding services and fabrication
to support its operations in Kuwait.
Drill water tank-500 bbl Mud tank-500 bbl Fuel storage tank with doubled walled type construction-450 bbl Fuel storage tank - skid mounted storage with secondary containment bunding built in facility.450 bbl
Services: Fabrication